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In spight of the heart wrenching email I just got telling me I’m not actually in the contest, here were some progress pics I was about to post of Valeera. At least I’m done with worbla now. :(


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I’m gonna cry. Blizzard sent me an email and apparently I’m not in the costume contest, I’m on a waiting list. People on the waiting list almost never get into the contest.

I signed up in the first two hours it was open and I thought because it hadn’t closed that I was automatically in.

Help, I’m in shock. I wanted so badly to walk across that stage and show people my craftsmanship.

I need a hug.



pros: cons

cons: pros

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This article is heartbreaking. And true.

There is a reason I throttled back on doing a lot of creative gaming content a few years ago. And why I still avoid taking some jobs in the gaming world when they’re offered to me. And why, when we have a female host on any of our Geek and Sundry gaming shows, we have to monitor the comments on YouTube extra, to remove the many comments that are offensive and pollute our community’s spirit of equality. Because I hate that shit. 

There is an endemic acceptance in the gamer world that “well, it comes with the territory” when a woman receives threats and harassment and the hateful anonymous internet dialogue is focused on her body and whether they would “do” her or not. I don’t know why this became okay. It’s a vocal minority that has been given way too much power over the industry dialogue, and I am so happy to see more and more articles like this shining the light on what reasonable gamer men and women have been conned into accepting as a given.

NOTHING is a given in this world. And frankly, it taints the art form we so love and keeps it back from becoming more respected and more diverse to not at least TRY to fight it. Gaming deserves more than complacency in this area.

Even posting this link will cause me to receive hateful Tumblr PMs. I can always tell when something I write gets linked on certain places on the internet (like 4 Chan or a few other forums of troll-hood), because I’ll immediately get dozens of hate mails along the veins of what is posted in this article. 

Well, I’m a lucky one to be prominent enough to have 10 supporters for every hater. I mostly feel sorry for girls and women who aren’t in my position, who may just give up on gaming when they’re too beaten down to fight anymore.

We have to change that. For the good of what we love doing, gamers! Okay, back to work :)



Oooh girl I just saw the rest of your work you are so good at what you do daaaaaang! You keep rockin

Thanks man. Will do.



How long did that armband take!!! It looks amazing good work!

Took about two hours to pattern it,  two hours to trace the worbla/cut it out/ put the worbla over the foam, and two hours to assemble it and do detail work.

Thank you! :D


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5 hours later… cut out all the pieces, worbled (?) the craft foam, and finished assembling the left vambrace.

I feel like I’m going to trip and kill someone (or myself) on accident with all these spikes.


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Ok. I finally patterned the vambraces. Now to cut out lots of little pieces.

Estimated time for basic worbla construction: 6-8 hours


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Added the weird divets to the pauldrons, did some detail work on the greaves with apoxie sculpt, and made decorative buckles for the back of the greaves.

Still to do today: pattern/figure out Valeera’s vambraces.

Things I reallllyyy don’t want to do today: pattern/figure out Valeera’s vambraces.


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Recent Valeera progress. Was unhappy with how my modified pre-bought corset was turning out, so I drew out what her bodysuit looks like so I can make one from scratch (sewing…. noooooo!). Finished the left leg’s worbla (which looks a lot better than the right, but that’s practice for you). Now working on attachment.
I was trying velcro and D Rings, but it was awkward, time consuming and an eyesore, so now I’m attempting to use red pleather and velcro underneath (like a corsets modesty panel but for greaves) that then I can attach fake buckles to to make it more accurate and less painful.

In other news I made a cosplay only Tumblr that you can find here:



Your World of Warcraft cosplay is looking amazing!! (: I have a question about your Dany cosplay, how did you sew on the dragon scale stitched pieces to the dress?

Just with a simple zig zag stitch, my fabric and thread blended in really well, so it wasn’t super obvious/visible.


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Got the shoulders attached to the cloak.  Going to work on the left leg today. Gogo worbla.

Got the shoulders attached to the cloak. Going to work on the left leg today. Gogo worbla.


Analysis: Over Half of All Statements Made on Fox News Are False | Addicting Info

A new analysis by PunditFact found that of every statement made by a Fox News host or guest, over half of them were flat-out false. What’s more, only a measly 8% could be considered completely “true.”

In other words, a fancy review of hundreds of hours of video confirmed what many who watch Fox News with any regularity already know: Fox News lies. A lot. Like all the time.

Which isn’t to say that exposing Fox News’ irresponsible journalism isn’t an admirable goal. Despite its blatant spin doctoring, Fox still captivates a large portion of the news watching audience. On a near nightly basis, Fox News programs like “The O’Reilly Factor” and “The Kelly File” crush the competition. Given what we know about how poorly Fox informs its viewers, that paints a pretty grim picture for the millions who consume it without question.

As you can see, Fox manages to capture an impressive range between “Mostly False” all the way to “Pants on Fire” while at the same time just 40 percent could be said to be even somewhat true.

Some might argue that all news networks are pretty terrible and with the seemingly endless drivel that comes out of a 24-hour channel it’s a valid point. Luckily, PunditFact looked at a few other major stations as well and while they aren’t bastions of veracity, they at least look like they’re trying.

(Read Full Text

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Some worbla Valeera progress. 8-9ish hours work.


Who Owns Media (US Edition)

Via Gizmodo, which also includes graphics on what brands own what consumer goods, consolidation in financial markets, what auto makers own what cars, and what breweries make what beer… which is important.

Images: Studios and media companies (top), and TV stations (bottom). Select to embiggen.

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